When i got to know he is married now i cried, i cried a lot……..

Few days back..on a sunday morning  i started my day…as from last few days i am not well, today also having fever, was not in the mood to leave my bed but natural call made me to leave it…after getting fresh made milk  for myself & bread too…. I came back to my room with my milk mug at the same time i saw my cell phone was ringing & showing Boss calling (as per my boss we are in service industry so we have to work in any condition & any day included Sunday :P) i knew there should be any urgent work , so i received the call & got to know i have to do something urgent…. ( this is the only drawback to work in service industry..you don’t have time for you..but for official work you are always available..:P ) . As soon as i opened my laptop i logged in Facebook then i called up my customer to tell him the options for his journey..he told me to book an Air India’s flight. As soon as i finished my official work, i started chatting on Facebook..the only benefit to stay away from home whatever you do  no body will not interfere in your work…sometimes i feel its good.but sometimes when you miss your family it hurts a lot to stay away from your family ..

I was doing chat with one of my close friend when he asked me to go through his profile to check some new things &  as i started typing his name in search option..there were few options..and the first option came was too scary..as it was showing somebody’s name, the name of that person i have forgot, the name of that person i ever used to talk, the name of that person once he was my only world, whom i loved a lot…but now nothing was the same..he was far, far away from my reach…after coming out of my world of thinking i realized that its a different picture…i clicked on his profile ..and after that what i saw was disastrous..i was about to faint, the moment was too heavy for me to bear …my eyes were filled of tears..my heart was sinking,  & i was literally crying..& the words coming in my mind was …why ? why ? why did god do this with me ? but nothing was going to happen now..everything has been done..the rest was crying  & lonely me.

i saw his wedding picture with the same girl because of whom he left me..he left me alone..he left me with lots of questions in this cruel world..i was thinking now what will happen to me…..????


P.S…just a story nothing serious..:P 😛


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